Part strategic partner, Part integrated media agency & 100 percent focused on your success….

Two Twelve Direct, LLC offers a well-rounded list of direct marketing and advertising services. We identify each client’s specific needs based on goals and then customize a list of services that allows us to achieve them. Our capabilities help take your brand to the next degree.

Campaign Launch & Direct Response Consulting

As experts in the direct response industry, our team specializes in facilitating every aspect of campaign set up. We will guide you through all key components of a successful campaign – from cost analysis, product positioning and pricing decisions, development, production guidance, telemarketing and fulfillment vendor selection then onto television rollout and retail sales strategies.

Campaign Management

Two Twelve Direct has the reach, knowledge and relationships to manage and oversee all the moving parts of a direct response campaign. With results analysis and reporting we are accountable and in tune with media performance, which is incorporated daily into our proactive media buying and management. We work daily with your call center/telemarketing company and provide guidance on scripting, sales structure, conversions and optimizing upsell programs, agent performance and ensure scheduling corresponds with media booked. We also work hand in hand with your duplication house ensuring proper customization and delivery of air files and tapes. We help monitor inventory with media booked. We suggest & implement complimentary media platforms, partnerships and growth strategies to optimize the life and growth of each and every campaign.

Long & Short Form Media Buying

Whether it’s short form media or long form infomercial buying, Two Twelve Direct customizes each individual client media plan to create a blue print for maximum response and ultimate success. We utilize history, experience and the most sophisticated analytical tools to ensure each media plan is reaching its core target audience and generating the biggest return on the media dollar. Analyzing competitive data, media research, our own categorical history while leveraging our unparalleled relationships with media vendors, Two Twelve Direct delivers the most optimized and targeted media plans.

CPA/Risk-Free Media

If your product has proven itself on media platforms, Two Twelve Direct can help you drive more sales at a guaranteed profit level through Cost Per Acquisition or Per Inquiry Media. This is a no risk scenario in which there is no money paid upfront for the media that airs. A predetermined percentage of the profits or fixed amount per lead or acquisition is set up-front. Then the cost of each airing is determined by performance and paid from the number of leads or orders generated…and every single one is profitable for you.

Drive to Retail

Direct Response Television and other direct to consumer mediums is one of the best ways to establish a brand and build awareness. Once momentum is set here, many successful product marketers incorporate retail in their sales platforms. Once in retail, DRTV is not only necessary but it remains a key driver in the acceleration of retail sales. The Two Twelve Direct team has been working with retail brands & clients for years, managing media mixes and campaigns that help them keep their retail deal in place and send the product out the door.

Drive to Web

Two Twelve Direct is successful in taking online brands and furthering their sales initiatives through DRTV. We know their target and can drive exponentially more customers to their sites through the power of DRTV. It is the most cost efficient method of advertising and primary driver of website traffic.